With the DIC Training Days you get the chance to join hands-on training sessions, led by technical experts. These pre-conference trainings take part on the 15th and 16th of June 2020 in the Hotel Belvoir in Rüschlikon. Each day features parallel sessions of around 6-8 hours of technical training. You can sign up for different Conference Packages including one or two training days.

15th of June 2020

Track 1 will be published early 2020

16th of June 2020

Track 2 will be published early 2020

Please note:
  • All classes start at 09:00. Welcome coffee from 08:15
  • For some classes students have to bring their own laptop. Please check your class details!
  • Bring a USB thumbdrive to copy class materials for your own reference
  • Software licences are provided to students during the day
  • Class language is English
  • Students will receive a certificate of attendance for each training class they have joined

Registration Rules:
  • Register online for a Conference Packages including one or two training days
  • Registrations to a specific training class are limited to a maximum of four attendees per organization
  • Payment: Arina will send out invoices by E-Mail