The Legal 101 of Digital Investigations

by David Rosenthal, Counsel, Homburger AG

Other talks focus at the DIC on what technology can do for you in e-discovery and digital investigations. In this keynote you will learn what you are actually allowed to do. With his practical experience in one of the large Swiss business law firms, David Rosenthal will guide you through the basic steps you need to undertake to comply with data protection law, what labor law requires you to do and how to deal with pitfalls such as the Swiss blocking statutes in cross-border e-discovery cases and investigations.

David Rosenthal

About David Rosenthal

David Rosenthal co-heads the IT law practice and heads the data protection advisory team at Homburger, one of the leading business law firms in Switzerland. He regularly advises in technology law and data law, has led various internal investigations and regularly advises corporate clients in technology related transactions and disputes. In addition to his legal education, he has a technical background as a software engineer. He is the secretary of the Swiss Association of Corporate Data Protection (VUD) and of the Swiss eDiscovery and Investigations Association (SeDIV).

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