Cyber-Fraud Landscape

by Prof. Dr. Bruce Nikkel, Bern University of Applied Sciences

This talk explains the most popular cyber-criminal methods of committing fraud online. Prof. Dr. Bruce Nikkel will explain different types of phishing attacks, banking trojans, social engineering, money laundering, and other current trends observed in the finance industry. He'll finish the talk with some predictions of how cyber-fraud will evolve in the future.

Bruce Nikkel

About Prof. Dr. Bruce Nikkel

Bruce Nikkel is the director of Cybercrime Intelligence & Forensic Investigation at UBS. He has worked for the bank's Security and Risk departments since 1997. Bruce also works as a professor at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, teaching and researching digital forensics and cyber investigations. He holds a PhD in network forensics and is the author of the book 'Practical Forensic Imaging'.

Bern University of Applied Sciences