The Trouble with Terrestrial Astronauts: Considering Digital Evidence and Privacy on an Increasingly Inter-connected Planet

by Ryan Costello, Head of Data Privacy Engagement Services, ProSearch Strategies

The plethora of mobile applications, geolocation tracking technologies, and mapping technologies has turned every individual into an earthbound astronaut, with continuous meta-data and transactional information streaming from the phone in their pocket. And while this has been a game changer for digital forensics and the availability of electronic evidence, what are the implications for data protection and privacy? And how is eDiscovery evolving in the face of all these changes? Noted data privacy expert and technology enthusiast Ryan Costello lends some perspective on what this all means, as well as what to expect next from legal and tech on our increasingly inter-connected planet.

Ryan Costello

About Ryan Costello

Ryan Costello is Head of Data Privacy Engagement Services at ProSearch Strategies, an inventive discovery provider based in Los Angeles, CA and Dublin, Ireland. Over 10 years in Europe, Ryan has worked with a myriad of organizations to manage litigation and regulatory challenges on both sides of “The Pond.” A US-licensed attorney, technology enthusiast, and noted expert in data protection and privacy, Ryan’s focus has centered on the areas where cross-border discovery and data protection intersect, encouraging innovative technology and data management solutions that ensure the best in protective controls for personal data across the lifecycle of the discovery process. He is a frequent writer and speaker on eDiscovery and data protection topics and challenges in the US and across the globe.

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