Darknet - A Look at the Digital Underground

by Marc Ruef, co-founder scip AG

The talk with the title "Darknet - A Look at the Digital Underground" discusses the sociological background of commercially-driven cybercrime. The monitoring and analysis of underground markets is discussed and the latest results presented. This includes a rare insight into the black markets for drugs, weapons, data and illegal services. Where does the exchange happen, how is the Darknet structured, which actors are involved and how are transactions finalized?

Marc Ruef

About Marc Ruef

Marc Ruef is co-founder of scip AG, a Swiss company specialized in cybersecurity consulting services. The company heavily relies on the internal research department which approaches emerging topics and upcoming risks. A glimpse of the results of this research is published in papers, books and presentations. His last book is discussing the systematic intrusion of computer systems to determine weaknesses. He is one of the most-read book authors of the field of cybersecurity.

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